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Frequently Asked Questions

What ist included in the price?

To what age do you receive a child reduction?

In what order of preference are the places booked?

Bookings of free places can take place up to the respective deadlines (summer season: Oct.- Nov. the previous year; winter season: April of the same year) in accordance with the so called "Priority List" (see below), which takes account of the degree of support involved. Following this the places are opened up relating to free capacity, which follows – in all cases – on a first come, first served basis relating to receipt of request (last minute bookings). Registrations and bookings are to be made at the respective NSRC directly.

  1. Olympic and National Team members, courses for national teams or teams which have a principle goal of being part of the national team and sportsmen/women, which through the HLSZ, are supported by the "Sports-Leistungsmodell" (programme of excellence for sportsmen/women).

  2. Teacher supervising, teaching and coaching courses of Federal Institutes for Physical Education (BAfL)

  3. Training courses for participants who regularly take part in top championships of the governing sporting bodies

  4. Selection teams from umbrella federations

  5. Special courses for children under 18 years of age

  6. Courses from Institutes of Sports Science, Teaching Academies and Educational Institutes within their framework of training and further education

  7. Leaders' training and further education courses in accordance with the existing conditions set by the Federal and Regional Sport Organisations

  8. Courses for schools specialising in elite sports' training

  9. Sport clubs

  10. Training and further education for functionaries of governing sporting bodies

  11. Training courses for disabled sport within the National Sports and Recreation Centres capacity

  12. Courses and school events for schools specialising in sport

  13. School courses and school events


Who profits from grant-aided supported prices?

Where can I book?

How can I get information material?